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CHAMPAGNE capsules
Champagne capsules are available in a variety of sizes, colours and print options. The capsules are applied to the bottle with the use of pleaters or jaw crimpers. The standard carton quantity = 4,100 caps.

SIZE:  We offer the following diameters: 30, 32mm and 34mm (standard).
We also offer the following lengths:  85-140mm, 120mm (standard).

COLOURS:  We have over 8 stock colours and can also custom make you a colour to match labels, pantone numbers etc. The minimum quantity for custom made colours is 100,000 units. Colours can be smooth or pebbled finish.

PRINTING:  Capsule skirts can be gravure printed (up to 4 colours) and/or hot foil printed (up to 2 colours).  Top discs can be gravure printed.  The minimum quantity for gravure printing is 100,000 units.

ALL CAPSULES:  Come complete with separation rings for automatic distribution, single or double perforation, cannelage and grillage. Tear tabs, orientation marks, medallion (scoop neck), are available on request.